Group culture

China's aviation industry since the day she was born, shoulder air to serve the country's historical responsibility, to lead the national industry will continue to grow and develop, promote national defense industrial continuous innovation. Patriotism of the people from generation to generation aviation aviation serve the lofty mission in mind, full of "serve the country air", "air patriotic expression the lofty mission and responsibilities as the important strength of national defense construction and national economy in the aviation industry. "Aviation industry" is the embodiment of aviation values. "Aviation industry," the essence is the core values of the supremacy of the interests of the state, embodied is generous sacrifice, selfless dedication of the noble spirit and glorious tradition. "Aircraft to serve the country" is the spiritual home of the aviation, aviation only always practice serve the country air. The lofty mission, endeavour in the struggle, in an endeavour struggle, continuous innovation, can we truly achieve the generations of aviation aviation serve the great dream.

"The motherland prosperous common people" is the aviation industry corporation strategy, in accordance with the party's 17th further implement the scientific concept of development, at the same time, group company "two melting, 3, 5, t" declaration and put forward the development strategy of culture. "The rich people of the strong army" is the value pursuit of the aviation industry group "fulfilling social responsibility". The nature of state-owned enterprises determines that the aviation industry group is not only the creator of social value, but also the undertaker of social responsibility. It is an inevitable choice to realize the healthy development of aviation industry group and safeguard the most fundamental interests of employees. "The motherland prosperous common people" expressed the aviation industry group adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of development, through continuously improve enterprise value and achieve the goal of "benefiting the people", "enriching people", and actively fulfill the social responsibility, to undertake social obligation, contribute to the construction of socialist harmonious society's value pursuit.

"Professional integrity" is the cadres and workers of the aviation industry in more than half a century of struggle and hard work, passion and enterprising, challenge the limit and condenses into the precious spiritual wealth, is the crystallization of Chinese aviation industry excellent tradition and spirit of the times, is the founding of the Chinese aviation industry. Dedication, with a serious attitude towards their work, serious and responsible, wholeheartedly, bears the burden of responsibility, excellence. Dedicated, reflects the airline people loyal to the party, the country and the people, aviation of aviation conscientious, heavy responsibilities, dares to undertake the responsibility sense, embodies the great spirit of patriotism in the front of the aviation industry. Good faith, sincere, honest, treat the prestige, do what you do, do. "Engagement" is the premise of "honesty", "honesty" is the performance of "engagement". The unity of "dedication" and "good faith", the formation of the source of the power of the masses of aviation engine high air patriotic banner and building a strong aviation industry.

"Innovation and surpass" is through innovation and constantly go beyond the self, beyond the opponent, endless across, aviation industry to achieve leapfrog development intrinsic request, is the aviation performance aviation serve the sacred mission of the inexhaustible motive force. "Innovation" reflects the airline people are not satisfied with the status quo, unwilling to mediocrity, is not limited to the stereotypes, the courage to change, enterprising spirit and courage, aviation industry to enhance the core competitiveness, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, drum morale, outside the plastic image of the strong spiritual power, embodies the reform and development of the spirit of the times in the air to serve the country, and the army of enriching the people ". "Transcendence" reflects the aviation self-reliance, never satisfied, the courage to go beyond the self, beyond the opponent, beyond the spirit of all the difficulties, is to create an internationally competitive large enterprise groups, the revitalization of the reality of aviation and strengthening and enriching the people need.

The group culture of aviation industry is a special form of enterprise culture and has the basic attribute of enterprise culture. Is based on the unit by members of the group company personality culture on the basis of the universal culture, strategic, dominant, integration, provide guidance for the member unit of cultural construction, specification, and the development of space. Group culture is based on the enterprises and institutions at the grassroots level culture, through distillation and refined, it has the corporation culture, the generality of the various units to guide, standardize and improve the basic unit of culture. Since its establishment, the aviation industry to build up the group culture system, namely the system by the concept of group objective concept as the core, to unite "six" (unified group company strategy and objective concept, company name and company sign, flag, song, standard word and color) as the core image recognition system, staff quality as the core system of norms. This system standardizing the frame and core content of group culture construction.

Corporation culture construction process, the aviation industry to "good day of literacy class", "professional" theme culture education practice activities, wear tooling department song as the carrier, such as extensive efforts in their group culture study, publicity and training, certification demonstration unit in the industry to promote the group culture, vigorously carry forward the spirit of wu observatory and Luo Yang spirit, build a batch of aviation industry QunYingPu different categories, different ranks, formed a unique "xing" in aviation industry. Through strengthening group culture of innovation and practice, inside strong quality of employees, the outside group image, enhance the group cohesion, to improve the competitive ability of the group, for the aviation industry development to have the international influence of large enterprise groups to provide the value of a strong lead and cultural support, realize the harmony of group culture and strategy, the harmony of group development and employee development, the harmony of group cultural advantage and competitive advantage.

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