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China flying dragon general aviation co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of aviation industry helicopter. Founded in 1980, the company was established in 1985 and is the first and only local general aviation company approved by the civil aviation administration of China. The company's main businesses include navigation operations, aircraft hosting services, pilot training, aircraft repair and refitting, etc.

After 20 years of hard work, Chinese dragon has become an important force in the field of general aviation China. The company has registered a total of 17 aircraft models, more than 60 aircraft, while having a fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, is currently the most domestic operations, operating range of the most widely operational qualification of the General Aviation Corporation. In recent years, the annual average flight operations more than 12000 hours, the annual operating capacity of about 10% of the country. The company has a rich experience, excellence, service excellent flight team and maintenance team, for our customers to provide a safe, professional, high-quality various flight service.

The dragon of China with comprehensive pilot training qualification, to provide aircraft for private pilot license, driving license commercial aircraft, helicopters and private pilot license, commercial helicopter driving license and so on many kinds of training. The company has a professional flight training base, 29 teaching with aircraft, helicopters, with the ability to train 100 pilots.

Company in aircraft repair and modification of business with superior strength, you can provide the whole machine repair, parts repair, aircraft plus modification, maintenance personnel training and other services, to provide customers with a full range of security.

General aviation co., LTD is a Chinese dragon aviation helicopters, hafei aviation industry, aviation industry prosperous and aerial remote center jointly established, state-owned enterprises controlled by aviation industry, is a member of the aviation industry helicopter unit, is approved by the civil aviation administration of China's first local general aviation company, is also the only company to "China" named general aviation company, hereinafter referred to as "China dragon".

The dragon of China General Aviation Co., Ltd. was established on May 24, 1980, was first approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission established "11" agricultural aviation services team. In April 1985, by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. with the Ministry of land and resources aerogeophysical Remote Sensing Center joint venture "China Feilong Airlines". At the beginning of 1987, the general aviation business license issued by the China Civil Aviation Administration and the business license issued by the industrial and commercial administration bureau of china. In 2009 it was renamed as the "Chinese dragon general aviation company limited".

China Dragon headquarters and main base of operations are located in Harbin City, and subsidiary respectively in Jiagedaqi, Tianjin, Xining built run bases, employees (pilots, maintenance personnel, sign sent, technical personnel, management personnel, etc.), a total of more than 500 people, operating the aircraft (including King Air 350ER aircraft, Mi-26TC helicopters and other 14 models), a total of more than 60 frame, and built for Mi-26TC helicopters, King Air 350ER the plane of aircraft overhaul required large hangar, spare parts warehouse, the value of tens of millions of dollars of aeronautical material spare parts of equipment and facilities.

The dragon of China has a complete navigation operation qualification, has been adopted by the CCAR-91 from the Civil Aviation Administration of China the general operation and flight rules ", ccar-135 the small aircraft transportation for commercial operators running the qualified certification rules", the Ministry of CCAR-141 the civil aviation pilot school qualified certification rules ", CCAR-145 the civil aircraft maintenance unit qualified to the examination and approval of the examination of the provisions, have the qualification of general aviation operations, small aircraft passenger, pilot training, aircraft repair.

China Dragon main business scope relates to the aviation industry, agriculture, forestry, aviation, transportation, business aviation related business training and so on, the business license for the project include: land petroleum services, helicopter load flight, medical aid, private or commercial flight driving license training, aircraft hosting business, rental flight, general air charter flight, air tours, aerial photography, aerial advertising, fly fishing, scientific experiments, aerial inspections, aerial photography, scientific research experiment of aircraft, aircraft maintenance. Current core business of Aviation Forest Guard, marine monitoring, aerial prospecting, aerial photography, artificial precipitation of government procurement of services projects, the actual operation range covering Chinese territory and territorial waters.

Chinese dragon is also actively involved in important projects, the national emergency rescue. 2008 may, four helicopters in Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake rescue and relief, especially m - 26 helicopters become the only to the lake lifting excavators and other large equipment of the helicopter. On December 13, 2012, Chinese patrol B-3837 China dragon to fly transport of twelve aircraft first entered the Diaoyu Islands in China Sea cruise, excellent completed the entrusted by the state declared sovereignty, defend the territory of glorious mission.

The dragon of China with the purpose of "safety, intentions, and win-win" service concept, is committed to promote the application of domestic aircraft and for customer provide all-round, three-dimensional general aviation services. The dragon of China to achieve general aviation service specialization and refinement as the goal, by exploring new areas of general aviation services and new methods, and strive to become leading enterprises in China's general aviation services.


China dragon's total of two subsidiaries and a branch, respectively for Harbin Xinlong aviation equipment maintenance Co., Ltd., General Aviation Co., Ltd. Qinghai dragon, the dragon of China Daxinganling branch. Details are as follows:

Dragon of China General Aviation Co., Ltd. Daxinganling branch, 2014 China flying dragon in the greater Hinggan Mountains set up, operation base Jiagedaqi air ranger station, the main helicopter and fixed wing aircraft flight training operations.

Qinghai dragon General Aviation Company Limited, referred to as "Qinghai dragon", 2012 China dragon and Qinghai Province State owned Assets Investment Management Co., Ltd., Qinghai Aviation Investment Management Co., Ltd. in Xining City, Qinghai Province jointly set up, main operating base in Qinghai province Xining Airport, main business, the use of models and range of operation were with the Chinese dragon.

Harbin Xinlong aviation equipment maintenance Co., Ltd., in 1999 the dragon of China and Singapore Youlian Aeronautical Engineering (private) Co., Ltd. in Harbin city jointly set up, the main business for the propeller repair.

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